Privacy Policy Website

At the current time, the tes• website does not use any advertising or traffic monitoring applications other than local server logs.

tes•LAX Privacy Policy

At this time, tes•LAX does not collect any personal data. The only networking code in tes•LAX is used for the purposes of processing in-app purchases and connecting to accessories. All data is stored on the local device or in the user’s iCloud account. tes•LAX may request access to your local network or to use bluetooth. These permissions are only used for the purpose of connecting to accessories.

tes•LAX may request access to your camera, microphone, and photo library for the ‘CAN Bus Cam’ feature. If granted, tes•LAX only uses these permissions to record audio and video at the user’s request, and save the resulting video to the user’s camera roll.

Should All About Jake, LLC choose to extend tes•LAX with new features that require logging, metrics, or analytics, this privacy policy will be updated. All About Jake, LLC reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time.